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Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Determine your body shape by following these simple steps
  • Pay attention to your body regarding where you often add fats this could be the stomach or the thighs
  • Standing in front of your of a mirror examine your body curve is very important as this would give the exact shape you fall into rather than trying to figure out your shape when dress up
  • Pay attention to those part of your body you don't like exposing also note those area that of great asset to you like your wonderful straight lower legs, arms.
  • pay attention to the narrowest as well as the longest part of your body, putting into mind the shoulder the waist and the hips. Taking note of the new shape they grow into. 
Achieving accurate measurement of the body shape is vital and as such visual measurement is not advice but measuring with tape is most appropriate. In achieving these few tips are relevant,
  • Get the bust measurement
  • Get the waist measurement
  • Get the hips measurement
Its important to state here that each of these three part measurement highlighted is to determine how large or otherwise the upper part of the woman body is, that is the bust measurement. The waist determines the how wide or narrow the mid section of the body is while the hips help to confirm how big or small the lower part of the body is.

The next step is to compare what you have measured to those mostly known body shape types, remembering their features. The Triangle shape, Hourglass shape, Apple shape, inverted triangles among others.

The Triangle shape features includes
  • Gain weight in the thighs
  • Wider hips and thighs
  • Smaller bust and waist
  • Most times they have hips measuring wider than the shoulder
  • Slender arms with some kind of short fall legs
The hourglass shape has these features
  • Waist often narrow creating a wonderful noticeable curves
  • Proportionally gain weight at the hips, thighs and the chest
  • Bust and hips are mostly the same size
Also remembering the features of  the apple shape
  • Mostly gain weight in the mid-section of the body, rear and the face.
  • Gain weight also in the shoulder, bust as well as the waist
  • While the lower part involving the hips and the legs are always slim.
The Rectangular shape
  • Gain weight around the stomach and the back area
  • The shoulder waist, hips and bust are most of the time slim and of same size
Its important to mention here that most teen girls have rectangular shape, their body move to the adulthood stage after the teen stage in their life and then they assume full adult stage and the real shape start showing.

The inverted Triangle shape have these
  • The upper section the shoulder and the bust is often bigger. 
  • The waist is flat with narrow hips than the shoulder and the bust
These tips are helpful in determining your real shape and what kind of dress best bring out the potential in you.

Thursday, 20 July 2017


Body shape simply means the physical build of an individual which is primarily determine by the skeletal framework of the body surrounded by the muscle in the body.

Women generally have different body size because of their nature from weight gain or lose, puberty, childbirth and all of that hence its important to know your body type and shape as to know what to wear, what kind of exercise best for you to get the shape you desire.

Men equally have different body shape depending on the kind of life style one adopts. Heavy alcohol intake is likely to increase the belly size of the male if not check with regular exercise or workout. Depending one your desire shape all can be achieve with the right approach and determination.

It is believed based on research that women have eight different kind of shapes

  • Straight body
  • Spoon body
  • Hourglass body
  • Oval body
  • Diamond body
  • Inverted Triangle body
  • Pearl body
  • Top Hourglass body
The straight body usually have the bust and the hip of the same size that is why its called straight, they are also refers to  rectangular or ruler body or supermodel. Putting on dress requires dress that are proportion to both top and bottom with a belt around the waist line


The spoon body have the hips larger that the bust and the waist, the shape here is very fascinating and appealing to look. Dressing this kind of body seems not too difficult as the legs is the asset here different kind od attractive skirts can be use with a top to match and to attract admirers.
The hourglass body is bust and the hips are the same size and the waist line also properly defined size
This is another good advantage body shape as any nice dress that shows off the endowed body curve is essential with a broad belt to match. The belt can be used over shirt to show the curve perfectly.


Oval body is another body shape that has the waist larger in size than the hips and bust but breast big.
Usually with slightly heavier abdomen, its sometimes called the O-Shape and very attractive by naturally. The dressing here is unique as the curve brings out the attractive shape of the body making those blessed with such curve very appealing to most men


The Diamond body is a great one as well with narrow shoulder and bust that perfectly aligned and the hips well broad making the body figure quite attractive. The ideal dressing for someone with this shape type may be clothing that balance and define the shoulder and the bust aligning with the waist. The lower legs are the asset 


Inverted Triangle body shape Ladies with this type of figure is blessed with broader shoulder with chest and narrower lower body. You have a wonderful legs to ware any amazing skirt to fit


More on your body shape and what to ware later


Are you worried with that excess fat  in your body or is it that excess fat that your husband or boyfriend is complaining about all the time...